Doing Deals One Step at a Time

I feel like a badass Navy SEAL!

(OK, maybe more like a Navy seagull, but still… ☺)

You guys know I’ve been following the 75 HARD program to take my mental toughness to the next level. As part of my training, I need to do two 45-minute workouts daily.

A student who’s on this journey with me suggested hoofing it home from my office in town… with a 30-pound rucksack.

That might not sound like a ton of weight but trust me… after a few hundred yards the sweat is dripping off my jawbone.

I have a lot of time to think on these (self-imposed) forced marches — which are starting to remind me a LOT of dealmaking…

You see, not only does your business buying journey have to be INTENTIONAL, it also has to be done ONE STEP at a time.

That’s what today’s video message is all about — intentionality, patience and grit…

Like a seagull stalking its supper.

Until next time, bye for now.





P.S. I truly believe deal making is about the destination, not the journey. It doesn’t matter how you get there — or how long it takes you — just that you get there. To buy a business, you need a strong sense of purpose, a little patience and tons of grit. If you’re not sure you’re quite up to the task, my introductory training program 10 Day Business Buying Launch Program will prime your mindset to be in peak deal making form, AND get you reaching out to potential sellers within a week’s time. For all the details, click here.

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