Academy Course

Dealmaker Academy significantly accelerates your business-buying journey and results by giving subscribers access to editor Carl Allen and his dealmaking team.

This exclusive mentoring model is best suited for serious dealmakers. Through it you’ll gain access to weekly group coaching calls, our “Red Light, Green Light” deal review service, advanced dealmaking training, annual in-person Mastermind Meetups… and much more!

During the weekly group coaching call Carl and his team will review anonymized deals students submit. Inside these calls, you can ask your most pressing questions and concerns.

If you ever have any questions with the EBITDA earnings…

Or if you’re unsure how to approach a business owner…

Even if you’re having trouble deciding what type of business you want to buy…

Whatever is on your mind… you’ll be able to not only draw upon Carl’s experience but the experiences of other students who have successfully executed Carl’s programs time and time again.

Each week they’ll also break down every possible detail regarding the deals submitted for “Red Light, Green Light” review. It’s the team’s way of quickly determining whether or not a business meets our high standards.

We’ll nitpick everything from the business’s revenue… to its assets… to its cash flow…

And ultimately decide whether we think the business is an ideal target… or whether you should move on to better opportunities.

As with our other products, you’ll also gain access to a private Dealmaker Academy Facebook group where you’ll build and maintain connections with like-minded dealmakers who are rooting for each other’s success.

The connections you make here could be the most valuable (and profitable) relationships of your life.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get FREE bonus trainings and a FREE membership to Dealmaker CEO that you can keep for yourself or gift to a friend or family member.

Academy isn’t for those interested in traveling the road alone…

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