Buying A Business With Zero-Money Down

(Using Other People’s Money)

This is the second to final email in our 4 part series.

So far we’ve established that buying a business is infinitely more effective and less risky than starting a business.

The failure rate of startups is north of 90% according to most experts and yet that’s what most people do when they choose to become their own boss.

You also know that I almost missed my son’s birth because of work and I HAD to make a change so I became an Acquisition Entrepreneur.

Today let’s talk about how you actually buy a small business with zero-money down (using other people’s money).

If you’re like most people who’ve never bought a business before…

You’re probably skeptical which honestly is a good thing!

I need proof.

I need numbers.

I need verification.

So…I’m going to share a video from one of our flagship courses that covers the framework of how you can actually buy a business with other people’s money.