Countdown to Stay-at-Home Millions Begins NOW

Glad to see you’re all signed up and ready to go for the Stay-at-Home Millionaire Summit on April 28!

That’s when Carl will show you the system he used to buy more than 330 businesses!

And there’s more to Carl than meets the eye…. so I recorded a quick video I’d like you to watch.

That way you can get the scoop on the star of our big event…

Plus we can get to know each other a little better!

Go ahead click the video below to watch what I recorded from home.

Speaking of watching… did you know that during the lockdown the average American is binge-watching eight hours of Netflix every day?

(And finishing three TV series each and every week according to a recent survey by ReelGood).

To be fair, I’m in the same boat…

But after blasting my brain with Tiger King, I’ve started laying a foundation for success for when this lockdown ends.

That’s why I’m PUMPED to learn Carl’s system with you on the 28th.

Now keep in mind, Carl is a rockstar in the world of big business…

And he’s renowned worldwide as the top business buying expert.

So I’ve been following him closely ever since my days as an MBA student.

So for me, interviewing Carl on the 28th is like getting the chance to interview Elvis or Elton John.

But for you, it’s a much bigger opportunity…

Because this is your chance to learn how to buy an established business and carve out an income-rich legacy for years to come.

Using none of your own money!

The Stay-at-Home Millionaire Summit is a one-time-only event…

So make sure you’re there to drink in every last detail on how to set yourself up for a legacy of wealth…

REMEMBER: This isn’t just about getting rich…

Because if you follow through with Carl’s system you’ll only “work” for one hour every week…

Meaning you’ll have more money AND more time:

You won’t just be rich, you’ll be wealthy!

See you at the summit!


Donna Ball
Host, Stay-at-Home Millionaire Summit
Dealmaker Wealth Society