I Just Closed the Greatest Deal of My Life!

Some might say what I’m about to tell you is serendipity.

And to be fair, that’s not entirely inaccurate…

You see, I knew the online business buying training I had built was something more people like you would benefit from – something that didn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

But I’m a numbers guy. I had absolutely no idea how to get what I’d developed in front of as many budding entrepreneurs as possible.

So about a year ago I attended a digital marketing conference to gain some marketing chops. There I met the publisher of U.S.-based Agora Financial, an ideas juggernaut for how to create everlasting wealth.

We got to chatting about Ninja Acquisitions. He was interested in what I was doing and suggested I come to Baltimore to meet some people, all expenses paid.

At worst, I figured I’d get a trip to one of America’s great cities I’d never before seen. At best, I’d come out of it with a deal to sell Ninja products to Agora’s customers.

I wasn’t looking for what happened next.

But as I’ve told you many times, when you have the right mindset the opportunities find you.

Watch this video to hear about one of the greatest deals I’ve ever done… with one of the greatest people I’ve ever met!

It’s going to take Ninja Acquisitions – and you – to new heights!

Until next time, bye for now.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen
Editor and co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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