Quarterback Your Dealmaking Team

The week of Oct. 28 was crazy.

I started in Cocoa Beach, Florida, with my family. We were kicking back after a week on the cruise ship I told you about last Friday.

Here’s us in our favorite place, the Sandbar Sports Grill.

Carl's Allen's Family at Sandbar Sports Grill

On Thursday I flew back to the U.K. overnight.

Thanks to a brilliant new box set I binge-watched, I drove four hours on no sleep the morning we arrived to Scotland for Masonic business.

You see, I have been a Freemason for several years now. Ten members of my lodge in Lancashire, England, and I visited the oldest lodge in Scotland – one frequented by the very famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Carl Allen and his Fellow Freemasons

That’s me on the right with my fellow Freemasons.

I then drove back to England Saturday before flying back to my second home in Baltimore, Maryland – the HQ of most for my U.S. business activity.

My new partner Adam and I went to the Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots Sunday night football game.

Adam’s a huge Patriots fan…

I support the Ravens, as Baltimore is my newly adopted U.S. city.

The Ravens won… impressively, I may add.

Carl Allen and Adam Markley at Patriots @ Ravens NFL Football Game

Adam wasn’t talking to me the next day… LOL!

This was the first time I had taken in a live NFL game.

I couldn’t believe each team has 53 players, though only 11 can be on the field at any one time.

There are lots of specialist positions to do specific jobs in the game. But it’s the quarterback’s job to lead the team, receive the ball and place the killer pass.

That’s also your job as a Dealmaker CEO…

Be. The. Quarterback.

Pass the deal to members of your team:

And if you want to buy a business you are passionate about but don’t know the sector all that well, find a partner who does and share the ownership between you.

The killer quarterback that Sunday night was Lamar Jackson. He owned the game.

Be the Lamar Jackson of your own deal.

Until then, bye for now.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen
Editor and co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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