Tombstones Aren’t Just for Graveyards Anymore

As you may know, I try to do several meetups annually with the students in my Dealmaker programs.

Last month, I handed out several deal tombstone awards at our meetup in London.

Here are Adam and I presenting one to my now very good friend Chris Matthews.

From left: Me, Chris Matthews and Adam Markley.

Do you remember Victor Kiam from the Remington commercials in the ’80s? He loved the Remington electric razor so much that he bought the business – which just so happened to be a no-money-down deal similar to the ones we’re doing.

Well, Chris used to weigh 300 pounds and finally knew he had to do something. So he went to a weight loss clinic and lost 40% of it.

He was so blown away by how well the process worked that he ended up getting to know the clinic owner and eventually buying it for no money down.

That was two years ago…

He’s since bolted on five more clinics and begun to vertically integrate by purchasing the distributor of the clinics’ weight loss equipment and supplements.

Chris now oversees a business doing more than $10 million in revenue annually.

You see, weight loss is his passion. And having been through the process himself, he had a pretty good handle on what the business was all about.

This is the key to defining your dream deal specification, or DDS, as I call it.

Identifying what you’re passionate about is half the battle…

Once you’ve done that, if you can find an opportunity that combines your passion with your experience – that’s the golden ticket!

Chris was a sales guy for an office supplies outfitter before doing his first deal. He married his passion for getting healthy and losing weight with his expertise in sales and marketing – and he’s well on his way to becoming a health clinic empire builder.

His goal is to continue buying up health clinics across the U.K., branding them under one name and potentially franchising the business.

For Chris the sky’s the limit. He’s got the bug – once he did the first deal, it was game on.

I want the same for you.

So whether you’re in one of my programs or thinking about making the investment…

I promise your first tombstone certainly won’t be your last.

Until next time, bye for now.

Carl Allen
Co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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