Success Comes Down to Two Things…

Every day we each think somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 thoughts.

That means – in a year – you’ve considered at least 14,600,000 thoughts.

Your mind is busy. Ideas abound.

And you’re here because, at some point, at least one of those millions of thoughts told you that you were interested in owning a business.

Whether it was an ad, or Google, or luck… you ended up here.

But what happens next is entirely up to you.

You see, there have been a billion billion-dollar ideas.

But there aren’t a billion billionaires…


It comes down to two things: action and execution.

Ideas are cheap… “a dime a dozen.” We all think literally thousands of thoughts and ideas a day.

People who are interested in actually changing their lives… building a legacy… and dominating the world in which they live are the action takers.

And taking action is key. You’ve got to take a deep breath, get outside your comfort zone and make the leap into the great unknown.

But – you’ve also got to have a plan. Action without direction is simply flailing. You’ve got to be precise in your execution to make things happen.

The ones who dream big, act fearlessly – and execute accurately…

People like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others…

All of them became billionaires because they took action and executed their vision.

What are you doing right now to execute in a way that will deliver results?

You’ve already got the idea – buy a business with none of your own money.

But do you have what it takes to act on your idea – and execute it?

Many students have…

From a dishwasher… to the owner of a million-dollar business… to an immigrant who now owns four businesses, generating millions of dollars of revenues.

And of course, so have Carl and I.

Your life will change when you take the leap into entrepreneurship. It can help you create your own legacy, wealth and freedom.

The question is where do you begin? What is that first step to go from inciting action to flawless execution…

It all starts with deal specification. What company do I want to buy? Where is it located? Is it in an industry I know about, am comfortable with and can impart value?

You may not want to be an owner-operator, but early success comes from familiarity. Usually both in type of business and in location.

Begin by focusing on something that ties to your professional history. Are you a teacher? Find education companies. Have experience in manufacturing? Look for small manufacturers with retiring owners.

Next is location. To help cross the hurdles you might face in your path, find an opportunity close to where you live. You’ll be able to hone your skills with a company that is easy to reach.

And buying a business depends on a rock-solid relationship with the seller of the business. There is no better way to build that relationship than meeting up for drinks or lunch.

Once you figure out what you’re looking for, you’re off to the next step – deal origination. A pretty common topic around here… so check back next week for some rock-star deal origination tips.


You’re only one deal away,

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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