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Earlier this month, I spent two weeks in Baltimore with my amazing Agora family.

We are creating incredible new content for you – our fearless dealmaker tribe.

Including more in-depth training to take your business-buying to the next level… some brand-new courses… and better ways to connect buyers and sellers for closing deals.

fireside chats

Maybe I should start a new series… fireside chats with Carl…

I can’t wait to show you what we’re working on. It’s really exciting stuff.

Which brings me to what I want to talk about today.


The key to staying ahead in the dealmaking game is to constantly innovate.

I’m innovating all the time with new coaching to help you build wealth and legacy as a dealmaker, whether you are focused on leveraged buyouts (LBOs)… closing bolt-on acquisitions… or grabbing equity as a consultant.

Remember, you also need to innovate within these coaching frameworks. They only work if you work them.

Why? For three reasons:

  1. You are unique. Your superpowers are different from everyone else’s, and you can use them in your own dealmaking quest. You might be extremely proficient at networking, in which case I would expect most of your deal flow to come from your contacts or events you’ve attended. Alternatively, you may be a whiz at using social media and can effortlessly generate deal flow that way. Play to your strengths – whatever they are.
  1. Not all businesses are the same. Products, services, customers, income statements, balance sheets, the availability of financing… these variables mean no deal is identical. You need to remain flexible and be ready to pivot using the tools within the coaching framework.
  1. Sellers are different too. You want to find motivated (or distressed) sellers of good businesses… not the other way around.

During my time in Baltimore, we also majorly upgraded our new book – Zero-Down Business Buying Secrets.

I may be biased, but I LOVE the new cover.

carl book

I look like a dealmaking badass – which I like to think I am.

Adam and I are also massively elevating our private equity firm, PROX Capital Group…

Our recent deals were all 100% no money down. We have also originated a few truly amazing deals that are a bit larger and require small injections of equity capital.

We are evolving our business model to make that equity available, so we can close larger deals and accelerate our wealth creation faster.

Where else am I innovating?

Well, I’m improving my health. I recently started an intermittent fasting regime. I eat between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. and then fast for the 16 hours between.

So far, so good.

I’m also making changes in my learning…

I used to read two books per week. But I realized that I spend a lot of time walking – in the gym, traveling and walking my three dogs when I’m back in the U.K. – so I switched to using Audible.

Now I READ one book per week and LISTEN to another on Audible. Which makes my time a LOT more productive.

After two amazing weeks of innovation for both Dealmaker Wealth Society and PROX Capital Group, I travelled home to the U.K. last Friday.

And something unpleasant happened – for the FOURTH time since December.

The first time, I was travelling back from our meet-up in Miami… and the plane broke. Adam and I had to switch aircraft, causing a three-hour delay.

It’s happened to me THREE times since then. All on American.

All broken planes (although TWO of them were brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliners).

All meant we had to move planes.

All meant three-hour delays.

I was REALLY bummed this last time because it meant I missed my son’s under-12 soccer game.

I’ve also flown Virgin, Delta, United and British Airways during that period. No problems whatsoever with any of them.

These folks innovate.

Sorry, American Airlines. You REALLY need to get with the program. Redevelop your maintenance procedures and keep your travelers happy.

The lesson here is don’t let your dealmaking become stale.

The potential for innovation is everywhere. I look for it constantly. You should too. (And so should you, American Airlines.)

Hone your skills, use the trainings, keep pushing forward and constantly innovate where you can.

Even though I was late on my recent return home, it didn’t stop Josh and I from going to watch beloved Burnley FC – one thing that will NEVER change. A great game – and a well-earned 1-1 draw with Tottenham. (Although we should have won.)

Carl and Josh

Great game. Even better company…

That’s it for another week in the life.

Until next time, bye for now.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen
Editor and co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

P.S. As we innovate our trainings we want to hear from you! How can we improve our business-buying courses? What can we do to take them to an even higher level – and deliver even more expert guidance to help you become an owner-investor in small businesses? Reply to this email and tell me how we can serve you better.

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