Why COVID-19 Is an Opportunity for You to Save Livelihoods

Right now, we are going through a global transformation that will change a lot of things in everyday life.

How we buy…

How we sell…

How we collaborate…

And there is an opportunity here. A MASSIVE opportunity.

I’m not talking about profiteering… I don’t want anything to do with the folks on eBay selling toilet paper for ridiculous prices.

toilet paper

TP for $60 a roll PLUS $216 for shipping? WTF!

I’m talking about how many businesses can PIVOT and INNOVATE not only to survive this crisis – but THRIVE.

Without scamming, profiteering or taking advantage of anyone.

Let me explain…

There are two major themes colliding. Let’s break them down.

Part 1 – Sellers Are Panicking

First, the majority of small-business owners are living with FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. That’s a direct response marketing term, but it’s exactly what most small-business owners are thinking and feeling right now.

Most people HATE uncertainty. It takes them outside of their respective comfort zones. They don’t like that. It makes them worried, nervous, anxious, even depressed in some cases.

And the businesses some of those people have built over the past 10, 20, 30, even 40 years and beyond are also facing unprecedented and uncertain times.

Remember my Perfect Deal Triad?

triad of a perfect deal

There are THREE elements to your perfect deal:

Pillars two and three are deeply intertwined. The more MOTIVATED the seller, the less you need to rely on a closing payment.

What’s happening right now is that pillar two is becoming FAR more important to deal specification.

Sellers are frightened about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic… They don’t believe their businesses are going to make it.

For the vast majority of them – they’re WRONG.

And this presents a massive opportunity for YOU.

Part 2 — Pivoting Virtually ANY Small Business

Right now many parts of the world are in some form of lockdown. People have to stay home until this pandemic has peaked and starts to subside.

Now, I’m not a medical expert, so I don’t know when that’s going to be. If I had to take an educated guess, I would say three—four weeks before we can start going out again freely, visiting friends, relatives, going to restaurants, bars and stores. Air travel will probably start again a few weeks later.

For now, governments are printing TRILLIONS of dollars to inject into their economies.

This will go to support individuals and businesses AND fuel the wave of insane growth in multiple industries.

What sectors are BOOMING right now?:

  1. Medical equipment
  2. Medical supplies
  3. Protective equipment
  4. Cleaning products and equipment
  5. Construction for new hospitals and other urgent care facilities
  6. Food manufacturing and other regular consumer supplies
  7. The retail of (6) both online and offline
  8. Any business selling online
  9. Freight transportation and logistics (like crazy, this one feeds the rest)
  10. IT hardware, software and services to support all these booming sectors in addition to servicing the massive increase in remote workers
  11. Telecommunications
  12. Restaurants pivoting and turning into 100% kitchens to support increased takeout and home delivery services

I could go on…

The fact is the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a huge need for these industries and the high-quality products and services they deliver to their customers. Some of which are needed as a matter of life and death.

If we had the time today, I would break down the supply chains for each of those industries. And what you would find is that there is a place for virtually ANY business to pivot in the current crisis and make money.

Again, this isn’t profiteering. This is PIVOTING and INNOVATION.

I’m seeing it happen right now all over the pace – in practically EVERY industry.

Manufacturing and engineering businesses that used to make components for cars, airplanes, etc., are PIVOTING and joining the supply chains for urgently needed medical equipment.

I’m seeing some small businesses with at least 5X revenue growth versus the same period last year.

Distilleries are now modifying their production line to make hand sanitizer – which also contains alcohol – on top of spirits to consume while you’re stuck at home.

Revenues are doubling and then some.

A friend suggested to me on the phone last night that COVID-19 will be the death of Uber…

I don’t think so, I told him. Uber drivers are delivering food, medicine, supplies and virtually everything else you can think of to people in isolation.

Here’s my point in all this…

Virtually ANY business can pivot and innovate not only to survive COVID-19 but thrive because of it.

If you own a business right now, look at the supply chains of the growth industries I listed above and determine where you can get involved.

These industries are screaming for your help. There isn’t enough available capacity to satisfy the sudden exponential demand.

So get involved and help them survive. Make more money serving your country.

If you DON’T own a business right now, go BUY one that fits into the growth sectors above – or can by PIVOTING.

The truth is – the vast majority of small-business owners don’t want to pivot. They don’t want to think outside the box. Mess with innovation.

They won’t change. And their businesses will suffer.

That’s where you can step in as the safe pair of hands to buy the business and get it back on track.

Screw the stock markets, bitcoin and everything else. None of that matters right now.

What matters is your country needs you.

Go buy a business a seller doesn’t want to own and PIVOT.

Save lives and jobs and help drag your country up off the mat.

You can even build a personal legacy from this.

Maybe one day, many years from now, your grandkids will tell their friends the story of how you made a difference when it mattered most.

I will talk to you again soon.

Until then, bye for now,

Carl Allen

Carl Allen
Editor and co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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That could be you.

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