Unleash Your Inner Dealmaker

There’s an age-old argument about nature versus nurture.

Some say we are born with all the skills we need – we just need to discover and develop them.

Others say nothing is born – always made.

Why not both?

I believe we are all born with certain skills, traits and attributes. But I also believe we have to tap into them… nurture them… and, most importantly, USE them.

I think there is a dealmaker inside EVERYONE – and today, I’m going to show you what you need to do to bring it to the forefront.

Earlier this week I watched my favorite documentary of all time – I Am Not Your Guru.

It’s about Tony Robbins, one of my mentors and a master of success.


Watch I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix tonight!

I have been a student of Tony’s since I watched this documentary for the first time four years ago – it totally changed my thinking. I went to some of his events and they totally transformed the way I act.

I highly recommend taking part in a Tony Robbins event. But since we’re still in lockdown for the time being, here are some quick hacks you can perform to unleash the dealmaker inside of you…

Everything we do in life starts with WHY – why you want something (or don’t want something) gives you the power to make it happen.

There’s a concept Tony talks about – the pleasure-pain principle.

We as human beings do what we do either to AVOID pain or GAIN pleasure – or some combination of both.

Let me explain…

You’re working a full-time job right now. You are chained to your computer. You’re bored and unfulfilled.

You could be angry. You don’t spend enough time with your family. Your energy, skills, experience and wisdom are drawing a meager salary, but all the profits of your work line the pockets of someone else.

You may even be bullied at work. Or passed over for promotions because you just don’t fit.

It pains me to write this because I used to be that guy. I almost missed the birth of my son Josh because I was so busy serving the needs of my boss rather than my own family.

All that would be enough to make you change, right? Quit in a rage one day.

Well, what if I told you that you could also seek pleasure in addition to avoiding the pain of a depressing day job?

By becoming a business owner.

Here are all the pleasure points hit when YOU’RE the one in charge of your life:

There are many more… control, assurance, even ego. And LEGACY. Building something that will outlive you.

Once you eliminate the PAIN and replace it with PLEASURE, you can unleash a power from within that will move mountains.

Here’s how you do it…

This applies to ANYTHING in life, but let’s use it for buying a business (I’m biased, I know).

It’s Tony’s RPM tool and it’s just three easy steps.

The R stands for “results-focused,” the P stands for “purpose-driven” and the M stands for “massive action plan.”

Here’s what it all means…


What is the result you want? Be ultra-specific.

Instead of saying simply, “I want to buy a business,” try something a little more detailed.

Like, “I want to buy a $2—3 million marketing agency within 50 miles of Boston, cash flowing at least $300K per year with a strong focus in the IT sector, and I want to be the owner of that business within 99 days.”

This will give you a MUCH clearer starting point.


Next, ask yourself, “Why do I want that result?” Again, be ultra-specific.

Instead of “Well, it would be kind of cool, and I don’t have anything better to do,” try combining your pain and pleasure data.

“I HATE working for my company – I’m underpaid and underappreciated, I despise checking email on weekends and on vacation and my kids hate me because I’m always missing sports practice and homework. I’m worth a multi-six-figure salary and I only want to work max 10 hours per week. This is my destiny, and nothing will stop me.”

That should light a fire under you.

Massive Action Plan

Lastly, consider what you can do RIGHT NOW to start this journey.

Not later today, not tomorrow or next week – but NOW. Inject some momentum into the process.

Start originating deals, contacting sellers, writing offer letters… Reorient yourself toward PLEASURE and away from PAIN and take ACTION.

That is how you unleash your inner dealmaker.

You can do this. I know you can

I am NOT your guru – but I can help you let your inner dealmaker out.

Until next time, bye for now.

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