How to CRUSH Your First Seller Meeting

You have created your dream deal specification… identified some strong deals to pursue… and fixed an appointment to meet the owner.

Normally, you’d meet in person, but with the current travel restrictions in place this may not be possible. (For tips on building rapport remotely, read this.)

If you can meet the seller in person, here’s a quick-fire list of DOS and DON’TS to ensure you nail the perfect seller meeting.

Before the Meeting

For your first meeting, your goal is to understand the seller’s motivation to sell and the mechanics of the business:

Yes, you will need to see the business at some point, but it’s not critical in the first meeting. Focus on building rapport and credibility with the seller.

The Meeting

When you first meet the seller, expect to spend at least 30 minutes building a relationship:

Again, the goal for this meeting is rapport, rapport, rapport. The stronger the rapport you build with the seller in the first meeting, the easier the rest of the dealmaking process will be.

After the Meeting

Once you determine that you like the business, the next step is all about the money…

And that’s how you nail a seller meeting.

Arrive early, look sharp and be well-prepared… Invest time building the relationship BEFORE you have any business conversations… And leave with financials so you can move the deal forward.

Easy as 1-2-3.

Until next time, bye for now.

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