What Does It Really Take to Be a Dealmaker?

All dealmakers share one common trait. Just one.

And everyone has the ability to cultivate this trait and apply it.

The question is will you do it?

Before I tell you what this one trait is, let’s talk about where you are in your journey with us.

Over the years, Carl has worked with thousands of students, training them… mentoring them… sometimes even partnering with them.

Now you’re here – getting valuable insights through our daily Confessions emails… tuning in to our live Q&As on Facebook every Monday… subscribing to our YouTube channel for exclusive content…

And whether you’ve only committed to the first step as a Dealmaker Launchpad student…

Or you’ve filled your tool box with the comprehensive training in Carl’s Dealmaker CEO program…

Or you’re locked in to developing your skills with like-minded dealmakers in the group coaching course Dealmaker Academy

You have that one trait.

Not just those of you who want to own a business… The same goes for those of you who already have one – and are looking for a way to grow your empire.

So what is the trait?

Universally, all dealmakers TAKE ACTION. Not just any kind of action, but MASSIVE action.

This is the conviction of a dealmaker. The thing that separates those who will from those who won’t.

So my question to you…

Are you a massive action taker?

You’ve already taken small steps – you’re here.

But have you taken the leap and armed yourself with the knowledge required to achieve your dreams?

We’re here to help you with all the resources you need.

And for those who ascend to the highest level, we’re even able to partner with you as well.

But you must take action.

Don’t just be a “wantrepreneur” – someone who WANTS to be an entrepreneur but hasn’t yet taken the plunge.

Have the conviction to break the shackles of “want” and transform yourself into a true dealmaker AND entrepreneur.

While there are many other things that define a successful person, the only thing that is universal is the conviction to act.

If you want to be the person who everyone looks to as an inspiration…

If you want to unlock the kind of freedom others can only dream of.

If you want to create REAL wealth – time, health, money…

You must take action.

Be the dealmaker you were always destined to be.


You’re only one deal away,

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Co-founder and publisher, Dealmaker Wealth Society

P.S. The best way to move the needle forward in your dealmaker journey is to get yourself in the mindset to take action. Carl’s Dealmaker Launchpad course is designed to give you the conviction and the confidence to identify potential deals and start meeting with sellers. Click here to learn more.

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