Don’t Have Time? Here’s How to CRUSH That Limiting Belief

Here’s something I hear every day…

I don’t have TIME.


Last I checked we all have the same amount.

“Not having time” is a story you tell yourself. A limiting belief.

Of course you have time.

We all have the time to do ANYTHING we want. Our problem is our focus. Often, we don’t prioritize the things in life that matter.

I used to say I didn’t have time to go to the gym. But I always found the time to watch Netflix.

To make better use of our time, we need to get stuff off our desks and out of our minds so we can focus on stuff we truly love, are great at and will seriously move the needle in our lives.

Here’s a hack I call your $1,000 per hour activity. That’s the value of your time – a grand an hour.

If you have a busy home life or a demanding schedule or are deep in the weeds of your existing business, this quick, super-cool hack will help you get all the time-consuming crap off your plate so you can focus on what is WORTH your time. Like…

First, create a big list of EVERYTHING you currently do – all your activity. Leave nothing out.

Then run everything on that list through the following THREE filters.

The first filter – STOP doing all the things you SHOULDN’T be doing. Outsource or delegate them.

If your true value is $1,000 per hour, you can find someone to do almost anything for you for significantly less than that.

Here’s an example. I bought a new house in January on a two-acre lot with a massive garden. The house came with a sit-on mower and a shed to park it in.

I woke up the first Sunday in the new house and decided to cut the grass. I watched a YouTube video on how to drive the mower, jumped on and spent 10 HOURS driving round cutting my grass, trimming the hedges, pulling weeds, cleaning up, etc.

It was great exercise and I got to spend the entire day out in the sun but…

Was that a good use of my time?


So I hired a gardener who charges me less than $100 to mow the grass every two weeks – and he does a far better job of it than I.

Now I have five hours per week back in my life. (I would have gotten faster with practice.)

What do you do in your life that you shouldn’t be doing?

When you outsource that to someone else, how many hours per week will that save you? Estimate it now.

The second filter – STOP doing all the stuff you HATE doing.

You will find you are GREAT at stuff you LOVE to do and BAD at stuff you HATE to do. So stop doing the stuff you hate. Simple.

When I first launched Dealmaker Wealth Society (then known as Ninja Acquisitions), I used to run my own Facebook ads. It’s tedious work – not difficult – but I HATED it. Staring at metrics every day and deciding which ads to cancel and which to boost…

The solution? Hire someone to do it. I hired a guy called Gavin who did it for me for $1,500 per month. That saved me almost 10 hours per week.

What do you do in your life that you hate doing? Once you get rid of it and give it to someone else, how many hours per week will that save you? Estimate it now.

The third filter – STOP doing the stuff we really CAN’T do yet we do it anyway. Driven by the urge to learn something new and prove ourselves.

Example, I built my first membership site from scratch.


I knew NOTHING about website design, but my ego ruled and I wanted to figure it out. Call it a pride thing.

I purchased a domain, downloaded WordPress, purchased a theme, designed my site, uploaded all my content and videos, installed the membership gateway plugin, configured the merchant processor… everything. Then I tested, tweaked and launched it.

It took me 100 hours, start to finish, and I was super-proud of it.

But 100 hours over five weeks is 20 hours per week of lost time.

For the next iteration of the site, I hired a website designer. He built it inside of 72 hours for less than $2,000.


Another 20 hours per week saved.

What’s something you’re doing (or trying to do) that you really CAN’T do and will have to WASTE time learning how to do it before you do it?

How much time will it save you to find someone else to do it? Estimate it now.

Here is what I eliminated…

Total = 35 hours per week SAVED.

What’s your number?

How much time will you save yourself? This week and every week moving forward?

10 hours… 20 hours… 30 hours… more?

Now what will you do with that time?

Spend it in your genius zone – stuff you LOVE doing and are great at.

Or go buy a business! You do now have 10—35 hours per week of free time…

Until next time, bye for now,

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