Hard Work Is Undefeated

Beautiful pools, crystal clear water, perfect white sand beaches.

Here I am in Mexico, living my best life… right?

Well yes, I am.

I am crazy fortunate to be able to run the businesses I own… all while traveling the world.

But that doesn’t mean the unexpected can’t happen.

Frankly — when it comes to the life of a dealmaker — it’s exactly the opposite.

That’s what makes it thrilling.

In the last week, I was flooded out of one apartment thanks to a broken washing machine and forced to relocate…

Only to have Hurricane Zeta rip through the area, resulting in a loss of power and yet another move.

Fun stuff!

Wi-Fi, hot showers and air conditioning are a delightful luxury… and easily missed when gone.

But I took it all in stride.

Dealmaker’s head of sales, who is based here in Cancun, asked me in amazement, “How are you here for an extended trip — expecting it to be easy and fun — staying so calm?”

My reason is simple…

All of you.

I’m constantly thinking about how hard you’re working on your dealmaking journeys.

You see, there are going to be countless bumps in the road for each of you.

Brokers ignoring your calls then making (seemingly) endless requests for information. Demanding to see your personal financial statement or proof of funds, all while gatekeeping the seller from you.

Sellers rejecting your offers, perhaps offended by your deal structure or your valuation of their pride and joy. Others hiding some financial surprises you won’t find until late in the game.

Lawyers, financial advisers, family members… the list goes on.

And so do the hurdles.


You’ve got something uniquely powerful inside of you.

It’s the power to ignore that which you cannot control…

And laser focus on your end goal.

Someone I respect once told me that hard work is undefeated.

And it is…

Provided those efforts are focused on the right things moving in the right direction.

Effort spent bemoaning things that haven’t gone your way — things ultimately out of your control — is time and effort not well spent.

Don’t be a victim of your circumstances — it does nothing to move the ball forward.

No one will do the work for you. Or take the actions for you.

Listen, we’re all fallible. Even I want to wallow at times.

When the chips don’t fall where you’d like, it can be easier to find fault in others.

But if you choose to shift focus from the finish line, who is really to blame?

I think you know the answer to that one.

This world isn’t going to deliver you to your ‘why’ — that dream of success, prosperity, legacy, flexibility… whatever it may be.

I’m blessed to be where I am today. It took a mountain of hard work, creativity and the support of some incredible people…

Not to mention some luck.

I am living the life that many hope for and want.

You can have all of that too… and more.

But you must stay focused.

Student after student has told me and Carl how incredible the Dealmaker training is, and the impact it’s had on their lives. Becoming a business owner has changed their status in the world and with family and friends.

Just this past Wednesday Carl and I spoke to a student who bought a business doing $25 million in revenue. Think he didn’t hit a speedbump (or several) trying to close that deal?

I guarantee he did. But he was motivated to stay the course by a stronger force.

I can’t tell you the joy those kinds of conversations and messages carry.

Our goal is to not only share that feeling with each and every one of you…

But to help you achieve it.

Your actions, work, desire and focus will be what take you to endless heights.

Remember, you’re only one deal away from changing your life.

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