Carl’s 5-6-7 Negotiation Blueprint

I hope you enjoyed our week thus far on offers and negotiations, covered comprehensively in Module 6 of my Dealmaker CEO system.

Once again, because this is such a critical part of the dealmaking process, Adam and I capped the week off with a FREE YouTube LIVE Training. Go to the Dealmaker Wealth Society YouTube channel to check it out!

But before you get to that, watch today’s video (also on the Dealmaker Wealth Society YouTube channel) of what I’ve come to call my 5-6-7 Negotiation Blueprint. It’s all my tips and tricks for how to negotiate a win-win deal between you and the seller of ANY business you’re looking to acquire.

Cool, right?

And I’m telling you… nine times out of 10 — barring any major issues that come out of due diligence — it works!

I hope you enjoyed our week on making and negotiating offers.

Until next time, bye for now.

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