Pride: One of the Great Rewards of Ownership

You can call me lots of things… but you can never say I’m not a family guy.

You see, my wife loves designer handbags.

That’s why every time I’ve closed a deal, I’ve bought her one to celebrate…

After my first deal (after leaving corporate life), my largest deal, the Agora deal (when I sold Ninja Acquisitions, then bought it back)… even the Radio Express deal I wrote about last week.

But I didn’t film today’s video to show off — quite the contrary.

I filmed it to inspire YOU…

To treat the people you love — who presumably make-up part of your WHY, your PURPOSE for seeking business ownership — really, really well.

There’s nothing better than sharing the rewards of entrepreneurship with those closest to you…

And nothing that will give you a greater sense of pride and accomplishment.

Until next time, bye for now.


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