What to Do When You Confront a ‘Test Day’

This is why I absolutely LOVE our members-only Facebook groups…

One of our pretty active dealmakers had been silent for a while, until when last week he posted this:

I really didn’t want to work on my deal making stuff today. I was grumpy, lethargic and really didn’t want to do the four Zoom meetings I had lined up… But it turned out to be a mighty fine day… This evening I’m going to bed satisfied and grateful for the outcome. Keep going even when you don’t really feel like it.

Not only do I appreciate this post because the member was willing to be vulnerable and human with the group, but he also powered through and made things happen.

I call these “test days.” We all have them… and today’s mindset video is about how you too can gut it out and ultimately grow.

I’m very passionate about this topic, so I’m warning you in advance about a few of my more colorful word choices.

Because if THIS doesn’t light your fire, you need to ask yourself what will.

Until next time, bye for now.

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