Set Goal. Smash It. Repeat.

Billionaires aren’t made on luck or hope… but work.

Same with most millionaires.

To reach that level takes a bit of sacrifice.

Like the best opportunities, the best deals require a level of commitment.

What have you done in the last day, week or month to move yourself down the path toward owning a business?

You know what you want… the benefits of owning a business – legacy, family, wealth, freedom and a work-life balance that fulfills you instead of drains you.

But – do you have what it takes to get there?

I think you do.

Scratch that. I know you do.

Because we’re here to help you get there.

It just takes a little courage of conviction.

Ask yourself – what is preventing you from taking action?

Challenge yourself. Be a force of momentum in your life. Show everyone what you can create and accomplish. Commit to changing your life one action at a time.

Start by setting your goal.

And make it a SMART one.


SMART goals ensure you can track specific measures to achieve success within your desired timeframe.

If you’re struggling to find traction, rethink how you’re approaching your journey by evaluating your goal using the SMART framework.

Let’s look at a dealmaking example.

Here is a SMART goal for someone looking to buy engineering companies:

This year, I will buy three businesses, each generating between $1—10 million in revenue per year. I will do this by originating at least one lead per week using my network. I will build and grow my network to work for me by having two meetings per week with engineering industry contacts, professional services providers and/or potential targets.

Notice how the goal is Specific – from the end objective (buying three businesses) to how they will accomplish deal origination through networking and growth.

The goal is Measurable. With both annual and weekly goals, this dealmaker will be able to see exactly where their progress stands.

Is one lead per week Attainable? Without a doubt. There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States alone. That is a deep pool of opportunity waiting to be explored.

Next, pursuant to your dream of being a dealmaker, everything stated in the goal above is Relevant.

And since this is a clear 2020 goal (“this year”) the goal is also very much Time-Based. That’s an important element because you’ve got to follow through to hit your target. Every day, week, month and so on through the end of the year.

So why aren’t you taking action?

I’d start by looking at your goal. Is it a SMART goal?

If not, make it one.

Never stop moving, never stop doing.

Nail those goals.

Remember, you’re only one deal away…

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Co-founder and publisher, Dealmaker Wealth Society

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