How Strong Emotion Drives Action

You guys know I prefer to read than watch movies.

But I’ve watched two movies in the past two days and both of the title characters would be truly amazing dealmakers.

I would reach out to both to partner on deals in a heartbeat, but sadly, they are fictional.

What movies, you ask?

rocky iv and aquaman

Apart from being total badasses, they share ONE other thing in common — the ONE thing that powers dealmakers to success…


Why is purpose so important?

It’s the fuel of life. If you have a burning purpose to do something, ANYTHING — the raw emotion to get it done, no matter what — nothing can stop you.

Choices in life can really be that simple.

The challenge often is honing in very SPECIFICALLY on what your purpose is and then MASSIVELY leveraging it.

Both Rocky and Aquaman had tremendous, blinding purpose to avenge the deaths of people they loved.

In Rocky IV (my favorite in the Rocky series), Rocky is on a mission to absolutely CRUSH the Russian boxer Ivan Drago, who beat his dear friend (and former opponent) Apollo Creed to death in the ring.

In the movie, Drago is the largest, strongest, meanest boxer the world has ever seen. He’s bioengineered and punches almost 3X as hard as everyone else. Impossible to defeat.

But Rocky doesn’t let his lack of height, weight, power and skills deter him. He flies to Russia, trains in the mountains, risks his life in the ring and kicks Drago’s butt.

Aquaman is the same.

His mother — queen of Atlantis, the fabled underwater world — is presumed murdered after falling in love with a human and giving birth to Aquaman.

Aquaman goes to Atlantis to prevent his half-brother from waging war against the world above the water… the world his mother fell in love with.

Yes, he’s powerful, skillful and can swim like a fish. But without that burning desire to save the very soul of his (seemingly) lost mother’s homeland — it would not have happened.

So let’s talk about you and something close to MY heart — buying businesses.

I had PURPOSE back in 2008.

I almost missed the birth of my son Josh (now 12) as I was closing a deal in Russia for the large corporation I worked for at the time. My wife Julia went into labor four weeks early and I had to dash back.

As I was cradling the little guy in my arms (he was SO tiny) something flipped in my head. I had been a terrible partner during the pregnancy. I was traveling all the time and not really there for moral or emotional support (or late-night ice cream runs!)

I was drowning in guilt. So with Josh there in my arms blowing bubbles… I walked away from $1 million in stock options and quit.

I had a burning heart and simmering soul to do something MORE — to SERVE my family and not continue to disappoint them.

I knew buying businesses would do that for me. It would give me (and by extension my family):

That legacy is now being able to coach aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to also become free and realize their dreams.

I know how it feels to be stuck in a cycle that’s not working.

I lived it… and I hated it.

Now I’m happy and fulfilled — I LOVE coaching people and seeing the same transformation in their lives that I went through.

Granted, I made a ton of mistakes along the way, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


Because I share what I’ve learned from those mistakes so you can take the direct route to success and not tack and jibe along the journey.

But first, before generating an avalanche of opportunities, it’s CRITICAL to rewire your mindset to be as explicitly purpose-driven as possible and to define what your ideal business looks like.

So come join our tribe of hungry dealmakers. Let me coach and transform you into your own version of Rocky or Aquaman.

I will see you on the inside.

Until next time, bye for now.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen
Editor and co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

P.S. Let’s have a little fun with this. What fictional character has the type of purpose YOU would like to model? Who is your Rocky or Aquaman? Reply here and let us know!

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