Book Review: That Will Never Work

It’s the damn truth.

I’ve read thousands of non-fiction books. If I had to pinpoint ONE thing they all have in common…

It’s that success leaves clues.

Adam once wrote that there have been a billion billion-dollar ideas… but far fewer than a billion billionaires.

That’s because what separates the dreamers from the doers are ACTION and RESOLVE…

Especially in the face of naysayers.

Whether it’s the noise in your head telling you to keep your day job because the alternative is too hard…

Or the friends who would rather talk beer than business…

Or the spouse or partner who listens politely but doesn’t really understand (or care about) your latest ‘scheme’…

The negative Nancys will always be there.

You MUST dismiss them.

I did that to my wife Julia — outright dismissed her. She’s glad I did, too.

It’s how I bought my first business

And we haven’t looked back since.

Today’s book review highlights another, slightly more successful dreamer-turned-doer who defied the know-it-alls who told him That Will Never Work

And instead built one of the most kickass companies of ALL TIME.

If there ever was a reason to resolve to buy a business and innovate from within, THIS is it!

Until next time, bye for now.

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