SMASHING IT: Darren Jacobs’ Salon Empire

Today I’m sharing the remarkable tale of how student Darren Jacobs purchased 18 businesses in SIX MONTHS.

His story truly blew me away, and it reminded me exactly why I do what I do. I hope his story inspires you just as much…

Darren has owned businesses in the IT and telecom sectors since 2006.

He grew all his businesses organically until a friend asked Darren to buy his business in 2017. (They made the deal over a pint.)

About a week after Darren assumed ownership, the business won a contract worth a quarter of a million pounds — and almost doubled in size as a result.

That’s when Darren saw the potential in BOLTING ON companies rather than continuing to build them himself.

He began to educate himself on how to value a business, how to acquire a business, how to negotiate an offer…

And in doing so, he came across Dealmaker Wealth Society.

Yes, Darren joined our program and used my system to grow his IT business through acquisitions.

But that’s only HALF the story…

One day Darren’s daughter, a hairdresser by trade, came to him and said, “I want to open my own salon.”

Like most dads, Darren wanted to help his little girl — and thankfully knew exactly what his approach would be.

Darren sent out 1,500 letters to salons in the area… and had more than 300 (20%) contact him in return.

Not only did he find the perfect salon for his daughter, but Darren discovered just how profitable a salon can be.

This led him to take his dealmaking skills to the next level by rolling up another 18 salons on top of the one he bought for his daughter.

And he did it all without spending a cent of his own money.

Originally, Darren planned to purchase the salons with a solid history of success and run them independently. But as he continued his buying spree, he realized it made more sense to create a singular brand.

Why? Because bringing smaller businesses within the same niche under one umbrella:

  1. Generates economies of scale
  2. Eliminates overhead within a single site that can be shared centrally.

As Darren put it when we spoke, “We’ve [now] got a headquarters, we’ve got [someone] running the [whole] thing, we’ve got area managers, and the thing has just ballooned. It’s been incredible.”

In fact, their salon group has garnered attention from some MAJOR international brands.

According to Darren, Dealmaker Wealth Society gave him the tools to determine which businesses are worth buying, as well as the confidence and authority to deal with sellers.

Once you have a roll-up, you can further scale by:

What I most admire about Darren is his mastery of the growth by acquisition model.

The reality is, building an empire from the ground up requires a considerable amount of money, time and risk.

And the simple truth is… a majority of businesses fail.

You can avoid ALL of this by purchasing existing businesses that are already stable and profitable…

And bolting on — or rolling up — additional businesses to exponentially grow your wealth.

Yet when I spoke with Darren about his experience with Dealmaker Wealth Society, he surmised that we must see a lot of people that don’t take any action at all.

Sadly, he’s right. A lot of those who show interest in our methods never implement the steps necessary to acquire a business and achieve the life-changing benefits of entrepreneurship.


There are a number of reasons, most notably limiting beliefs and not having clarity of purpose.

But Darren’s story PROVES you don’t need to be a statistic.

As I’ve said many times, buying and selling businesses is a learned skill. And developing a skill like that requires guided study…

Until eventually, the student becomes the master. Like Darren.

Are you ready to make your business a masterpiece?

Until next time, bye for now.

P.S. The bolt-on acquisition  strategy is a bonus strategy  (worth $1997) taught in our signature Dealmaker CEO program.” Check it out HERE

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